What is a professional mannequin? Is it different from the common mannequin we see on the street? As its name suggests, such a mannequin serves for more professional purposes. Today, we will introduce four kinds of artificial models that have professional functions including manikins, hairdressing heads, cosmetology models, and dress forms.

Do you know that those mannequins displaying clothes in the windows of the store have other more professional functions? To help you know better the usages of those professional mannequins. We have collected relevant information online

Professional manikins for medical use

If you are not a student of medical school, you may be unfamiliar with such a manikin. This type of mannequins is the most expensive, carefully-made, and delicate product. It is hard to buy it from common online or offline stores. Because of their special functions, they need to be purchased from particular suppliers. 

The appearance of the manikins looks way more realistic than those we often see in shops. Furthermore, the inside organs are also made to be realistic. To satisfy the need of educating students and mimicking real medical situations, the body size and organ positions need to be precise and correct. It can be said that the medical mannequins play a vital role in improving students' understanding of medical work and their skills in handling medical accidents.

Hairdressing training mannequin

Unlike the manikin, this sort of dummies is more commonly seen and used. If you are a student of beauty school or you are learning how to make hairdos for others and yourself, you will need this product to practice and improve your skills.

The quality of hairdressing heads varies, thus the price also differs. If you are in high demand for the training head quality and texture, you can buy a realistic mannequin head with real human hair. 

Real hair has a better texture and appearance. However, because it is real human hair, it cannot supplement nutrients from the scalp of the artificial model. The life span of the real hair mannequin is shorter than the synthetic one.

The fake hair dummy, of course, is cheaper. It does not have a realistic look but still works well in providing convenience to you. Because it is made of artificial fiber, synthetic hair is more durable and stronger. You can choose one according to your budget and needs. 

A professional mannequin for makeup training

Cosmetology training is also necessary for beauty school students. To make perfect makeup, one needs consistent practice and improvement. However, frequently applying cosmetics to the face will damage one's skin. 

The makeup training head helps a lot. If you need such a product, welcome to our store to pick up the one you like. We offer dummies for displaying accessories and professional training mannequins. New users buying now can enjoy a 10% discount. 

The makeup training heads in our store have three colors, light, brown, and dark. The skin touches soft made of rubber, giving you a realistic makeup experience. You can use it to practice how to apply eyelash extensions, paint eyebrows, and massage.

Dress form

It is specially designed for displaying and making clothes. A dress form usually only has the torso of a human body. There are many types of dress forms. The most simple and cheapest one is made of foam. Designers can pin clothes to it. It is light-weighted.

Some professional dress forms are more flexible. The width of their necks and waists is adjustable, bringing convenience to designers. The same as the hairdressing dummy heads, the dress forms allow designers to realize their ideas at any time. A mannequin torso is usually used for dress design, well showing the sagging sense of a long dress. 

Except for the manikins, the above-mentioned products you can find in many online shops and offline stores. Our store also welcomes every customer. Here, you can find a realistic female head for display, cost-effective training mannequins, and makeup tools.


Today, we have introduced what is the professional mannequin to you. We believe that you can have a better understanding of the product. Besides buying a new dummy, you can also purchase a used one that can be cheaper and eco-friendly. We hope you can buy the product you like.