1. Before dyeing your hair, you should wash your hair to remove the layer of oil formed on the hair, so that the color will be fast and even, (must be tested for allergies before dyeing)

2. Go to the barber tool shop to buy your favorite dye cream, the price is not very expensive, it is just a few dollars.

3. Make the appropriate amount of adjustment according to the hair dye cream you bought. These hair dye creams have corresponding proportions. Adjust them evenly in the prepared hair dye bowl, wrap around the dye and release, and bring the dye shawl.

4. Use a pointed-tail comb to divide the hair into three areas. Clip the hair with a clip. Divide a small piece from the bottom and apply one piece evenly (remember not to apply the dye cream to the roots of the hair). After all the application is done, wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the hair quality.

5. After the hair is uniformly colored, first apply the hair roots from the bottom, apply evenly, and finally apply the hair roots on the top of the head, so as to prevent the color from being too bright and unsightly, stay for 5 minutes. After seeing the color on the hair roots is even, shampoo.

6. First wash with water until there is no hair dye cream, then wash it again with conditioner. The reason for this is to avoid color fading. Washed with shampoo one day later.