There are assorted mannequin doll hairstyles. Mannequin dolls are ideal products for you and your kids to practice hairstyles making skills. Thus, we have collected some easy-to-make hairstyles serving as a reference to you if you want to teach your kids or make your daughters look like princesses by making these hairdos on them. 

Dolls are favored by most kids. They can have a playing house game with those pretty dolls which accompany your children when they are alone. They can also practice braiding on those mannequins instead of pulling your hair. 

In short, purchasing a beautiful manikin doll for your children can bring many advantages. Then, what sort of mannequin dolls can win the likeness of your kids? The answer is those with pretty hairstyles. 

The long, smooth, and soft hair can be appealing to small girls who are very fond of making new hairstyles on their own. So, today, we recommend several popular doll hairstyles to you. You can learn these hairstyles and then teach your kids how to do them. I bet your kids will love them. 

Braided Bun Hairstyle

This is one of the simplest mannequin doll hairstyles yet looks beautiful and elegant. Long hair is better and more suitable to do the hairdo. Firstly, you need to make a high ponytail near the top of the doll head. 

If the position of the ponytail is too low, it will produce an entire effect. Then, divide the hair into two sections and braid them into two-strand braids. Finally, twist the braid around the center of the ponytail and use a clip or a rubber band to fix it. 

Upon the basis, you can decorate with some flower clips. This hairdo can show the whole face of the mannequin and you can put a pair of earrings on its ear which will well balance with the hairstyle. 

Half-Pinned Wavy Hairstyle

To make this princess alike hairdo needs a hair curler if the original doll hair is straight. It is suitable for mannequin dolls with long hair. The steps are quite easy. Firstly, you pick up two strands of hair on each side of the cheek of the manikin and knot them together on the back of the head. Then, you can curl the rest part of the hair, not too curly but wavy. 

Two Ponytails

Also simple yet cute and charming. Make a high pony hair on each side of the head and leave some short hair on the forehead. Then, wear the manikin a thick hairband. This hairstyle will make the doll look energetic and adorable. 

Basket ponytails

This hairdo is more complicated than the above ones. You should make several criss-cross ties and then tie them up to form a high ponytail. This doll's hairstyle looks delicate from a high view. A butterfly knows can be attached to make it more good-looking. 

Asymmetrical twists

As its name suggests, hair is twisted to form this manikin hairdo. You can use a hair curler first to make big waves, so the doll hair should be long enough. Then, twist two strands of hair and fix them with nice-looking clips on one side of the hair. The asymmetrical gives a sense of uniqueness to the hairstyle. 

Braided fun

This hairdo is very gorgeous and a bit complicated. Select two strands of hair equally from the forehead and braid them from the front to the middle. Then, tie the two braids and let the rest of the hair lie on the back naturally. Then, select another two strands at a lower position and repeat the above step. Finally, use a big hairband to fix all braids together. 

If you purchase a set of mannequin doll tools, there will be many additional items for decorating the doll-like clips. And there are some artificial hair products like hairdryers which pose no danger to your children. Most of these products do not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can let them play with these products without worry. 


In a word, you can teach those mannequin doll hairstyles to your kids with patience or you can let him or her bring out imagination to create bald and fanciful hairstyles you like. The most important thing is that your kids are happy and satisfied by playing with a mannequin doll.