Show You Around Our Production Process

January 09, 2020

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Mannequins are used to display fashions and dressing a mannequin properly often distinguishes a product, increasing sales. Small shops,accessory stores, and decorators may not want to buy a whole mannequin when they have to only display hats or accessories. In these cases, all that is needed is a mannequin head.

And with the rise of fashion products such as wigs, hats and hair nets, the model show head has also ushered in a new spring. Not only PE, PVC/FRP and other new materials are constantly updated, but also the production technology and makeup of models are constantly developing towards a more beautiful and practical direction.

There, its my pleasure to introduce the production technology of PVC model head.

First of all, we will refer to the current popular color of the standard deployment of PVC production materials.

Secondly, we will choose the latest style and popular style of mold to show the production of head shape skin.

After the skin product cools down, we will carefully check whether the product is deformed or not, and then select the product of grade A quality for cosmetic spraying.Of course inkjet paint is the selection of natural environmental protection pollution-free paint, which helps to ensure the durability of the product itself and the health of the user


Finally, we will check the makeup and appearance quality of the product again, and then confirm the packaging of the model display head.Each of our display heads will be protected with a face mask and individually packaged to ensure that our products reach you intact.

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