We will introduce the natural hair cosmetology mannequin to you today. After reading the article, you will know the advantages of such a product, its making materials, and relevant information. If you prepare to learn cosmetology, the product can give you a good start.

Doing perfect makeup is not an easy job. It needs much practice. A whole set of cosmetology includes making the hair and giving beautiful makeup. The hairstyle and makeup should be balanced with each other. If you find it hard to start learning, you can buy a mannequin to practice. It will be your good partner. 

The reason for buying a cosmetology mannequin is to practice makeup skills.

One of the most important reasons is that you can practice at any time. Practicing cosmetology on your face or making hairstyles on your head will damage your skin and hair. A fake model is your practice partner present all the time.

Your friends or families can also be your partners, but you cannot make sure that they are willing to be your models. Therefore, a mannequin head for training is necessary. Many manikins are designed to look realistic, so you can pretend to do a hairstyle for a real person. A cosmetology training head is a necessity for students who want to engage in the field of cosmetology.

Why choose the natural hair cosmetology head?

There are three kinds of makeup practicing manikin heads, the real hair one, the synthetic one, and the mixed hair one. Why do we recommend natural hair? Because natural hair has better touch feeling, texture, and appearance.

Just like the real hair wig and synthetic hair wig, the real hair one looks more natural and shinier. The real hair training head can present you with a realistic touching experience so that you can better handle the hair when you are doing hairdos for others. However, the mannequin head with real hair is still different from the real person, you cannot rely on practicing on the fake head.

Besides, real hair can better endure hair-making processes. To make beautiful and special hairstyles, we often use hair curlers, straighteners, and other tools. Synthetic hair is usually made of artificial fiber, thus more vulnerable to the hair-making processes. Besides, if the fake hair is pre-dyed or curled, it is harder to make hairdos on it.

The mixed hair means that the training head is made with a combination of real human hair and synthetic hair or animal hair so that the cost of the mannequin will be cheaper. Though the natural hair cosmetology head is a bit expensive, it is the best in terms of hair texture and appearance.

Where does natural hair come from?

After knowing the differences between mannequin heads with hair, you may want to know about where to get the real hair to make the product? Most hair comes from donations. The hair can be divided into Asian hair and European hair.

You can see the obvious differences between these two kinds of hair. The Asian hair is mainly from India, China, and Korea. We can often see the product description of a wig writing "made of 100% Indian Remy hair".

In terms of price, European hair is more expensive and harder to get. It is also softer than Asian hair. Therefore, to lower the cost of making manikins with hair and wigs, most of which are made with Indian hair. 

Several things you should notice when dealing with hairdressing training head

It is natural to see some hair loss when you comb the hair for the first time. After several times, the situation will not happen again. Besides, if you want to use a dummy head with hair for a longer time, it is suggested to maintain the hair. Caring for it just like your real hair so that the next time you use it, it can still be good-looking and touching.

In a nutshell

The natural hair cosmetology mannequin is a recommendable tool for hair-making and makeup learners. If you want to know about the product and how to choose a cost-effective one, you can consult our shop assistants. In our store, you can also find many other terrific mannequin products.