There are many types of wigs, which can be divided into chemical fiber and human hair wigs according to the production material. Compared with chemical fiber wigs, real human hair wigs are more comfortable to wear than chemical fiber wigs. Of course, this also has a psychological suggestion. Then, why human hair wigs are more acceptable to people.


First of all, from the heart of the wearer, how to make your own hairstyle better show to others. If you want your own hairstyle to not always look like that, it makes people feel unchanging. Wigs are a better choice. If you don’t wear real hair at first Made wigs, then when you wear a real hair wig, you will find the same psychological gap as before, even though chemical fiber wigs are better than real hair.


In terms of materials, real human hair wigs are made from healthy human hair. It is the same as our own hair, and it has been treated with special acid, which is healthy. We will not have allergic reactions if we touch the scalp after wearing it. When taking care, the chemical fiber wigs are completely different from real human hair wigs.


Real human hair wigs are comfortable to wear. Chemical fiber wigs are made of chemical raw materials. Some people are not suitable for skin allergies. The real human hair wig is well-made, and the texture is clear, there is no heavy feeling after wearing it. No burden, you can wear it every day!


Moreover, the use of real human hair wigs is relatively long. Because of the material, real human hair wigs are not easy to be frizzy, and the appearance and color can be kept unchanged for a long time, which is relatively stable, and it is easy to become soft after care. Therefore, as long as the care is good, it can be used for three to five years without a problem. Chemical fiber wigs are easy to frizz and change color for a long time, but the price is very cheap compared with real human hair.


The important point is that real human hair wigs can be varied. It can also be perm dyed like real human hair. Therefore, you can change different shapes to go out every day. It can be said to be fashionable and versatile! In addition, human hair wigs are realistic and natural. Generally, after wearing them, you can't tell that they are wearing wigs, which are the same as your own hair!