Having an African American wig mannequin head is a big deal. This means that African Americans are now well-represented even in the beauty industry. Several years, it's even rare to find afro hairpieces. But now they're all over the place. This is a significant development for men and women of color. Blacks are susceptible to hair loss in just the same way as white people. Having a hairpiece that matches their natural hair can help them gain back their self-confidence and self-esteem. And now with the presence of dark-skinned mannequin heads, they will feel more empowered. The growing diversity in the beauty industry should be welcomed by all. 

The companies that are making and starting to use dark-skinned mannequin heads are definitely breaking new grounds. They are starting a small revolution in the beauty industry. If you own a wig store, it would be wise for you to have an African American wig mannequin head. It's the best way to display your afro hairpieces. With these mannequin heads, you'll be able to show the full potential of your products. You will also gain marketing points for your company since consumers are now more keen on supporting companies that advocate having a multicultural society. Companies that make a stand are starting to gain more success. 

There is indeed a need to add a touch of diversity on store shelves and online catalogs. The beauty industry is still predominantly white. But things are slowly changing thanks to companies such as Lady M. This company creates dark-skinned mannequins and mannequin heads with the goal of increasing black representation in the beauty industry. It was started by Shaneka Neymour, a successful entrepreneur who is behind the creation of clip-in afro hairpieces, fro-hawks, and buns through another company, Over The Top. As you may have guessed, Shaneka is a bit of an activist as well with her inclination to always challenge the norm. 

Shaneka started Lady M when she noticed the lack of diversity in cosmetology products such as mannequins and mannequin heads. She observed that while there were dark-skinned mannequins, they still mostly resemble European models. She also laments the fact that many of these mannequins look unrealistic. She says that she can't relate to any of them. Lady M's main product is "Melanie," a realistic-looking African-American mannequin that black women can surely relate with. Shaneka believes that representation is important especially at a time when racism is still very much an issue. The presence of more dark-skinned mannequins may not change the beauty industry overnight but it's definitely a great start. 

Lady M is not alone in trying to add more diversity to the beauty industry. There are other companies that are doing the same thing. One of these companies is JF HeadModel. This company was established in China in 1997 and it specializes in manufacturing and selling different kinds of mannequin heads. It started as a small company but now it has more than 200 employees and it ships its products to different parts of the world. The company credits its success to its philosophy of putting people first. People here mean not only the company's customers but also its employees. 

When you visit the website of JF HeadModel, one of the first things you'll notice is the diversity presented by its products. On their website, you'll see mannequins and mannequin heads with different skin-tones. So if you're looking for an African American wig mannequin head, you'll surely find one on their online store. For example, they have a dark-skinned mannequin head with very realistic features. 

Another thing that you need to know about the JF HeadModel is that they only offer high-quality products made from premium materials. And this is why their mannequins and mannequin heads look very realistic. Their mannequins actually look amazing. The darks-skinned one has an exterior made of PVC parcel to improve its realism. The features and designs are applied by hand to make them look real. Even the prominent clavicle is realistic, making it ideal for displaying necklaces. 

The presence of more representation in the beauty industry should inspire more African-Americans to become beauty professionals. It's also meant to inspire more women of color to take part in the beauty industry.