Basic skill

First of all, the grafting technique :eyelashes are connected to real lashes one by one, not one false eyelash to two real lashes, nor two false lashes with one real one. Although we have the flowering technique, it's still the same thing as a single root. Except that this single root, a couple of roots on it will make the eyelashes looked like a flower.

Operation method:

First: Take the lash extensions

With tweezers clip in eyelash extension 3 one place, pull out from outside inside, do not force eyelash clip deformation, pay attention to take one at a time, dip in glue, dip in false eyelash root, also can be 3 one place, the amount is not much, do not look like there are drops to drip down. When taking wool and dip in glue, tweezers and eyelashes are 45℃ Angles, do not go straight down, the operation is not convenient

Second: Dipping glue

Dip the glue at 45°angle, generally, drop into the root of the eyelash 1/5,1/3,1/2. 

There should be no dew-like glue on the eyelashes when dipping the glue

Dip in glue to have 3 kinds of way, point glue, like glue, with face glue (probably not so call of, do not remember quite), what corresponds is to stick in 1/5 eyelash, 1/3 eyelash, and 1/2 eyelash. The general way is dipping in 1/3, which is better to connect, 1/5 dipped is still better for encryption, and the 1/2 dipped way is rarely used.

Third: Sticking eyelash

After dipping glue in the true-false eyelash, true eyelash position is in the distance of 0.5 to 1 mm must not pick up on the eyelid, very uncomfortable, is not what we call a grafting, answered the time can generally from true-up eyelash below, withhold true false eyelash, won't fall, or beside the true eyelash, the left or right, you see customers eyelash to tilt over there, it is ok to pick up in the opposite direction, the third, at the time of pick up, let the real false eyelash, drag from top to bottom, increase the adhesive area, and then fixed with forceps for a second and then let go, so that eyelash not crooked, also keep a long time.

For the types of eyelashes planting

There are many different styles of eyelashes, simply the shape and thickness of the grafts. We are common is a fan and fly poplar, match different eyelash length. Can use 5 points to locate to send to do, look for 5 points on eyelash to regard as a reference first, in a row the eyelash of different lengths, the eyelash outline that receives comes out can be very good-looking. The length of specific collocation, according to the effect the customer wants to do, generally these lengths can be.

Fan-shaped eyes round, white eyes more eyes, flying when the eyes are relatively narrow, long eyes


In addition to the shape, the other one is the thickness, which is what we call barbie, super barbie, 3D,6D and so on

Take the eyelash of 0.10 diameter as an example, according to the guest's preference. Natural wind, eyes 70 or so, a real eyelash above a false eyelash

Natural wind, each eye 70 or so, a true eyelash above a false eyelash, dense wind, each eye 100, super thick, 120 or 150, an eyelash on 2 to 3.

Encounter the guest with true eyelash very few, receive 3 to 4, can't find true eyelash really, be on the side of a false eyelash that receives go up to receive, also can, achieve the effect of bushy, after be skillful, everybody can do flowering, can be very thick. Still have a few to use the eyelash of 0.15 even 0.20, say the truth, still, be inferior to stick false eyelash, the unfavorable pursuit is bushy, give true eyelash make bad all.


The new beauty ciliary often make 5 mistakes, let's see if you got it right!

1, the problem is not the problem of the hand, namely, take eyelash, stick eyelash, slippery glue three steps;

Correct step: the 2/3 place that holds false eyelash with forceps, raise a hand slowly, pull out toward the chest, pull out hind with forceps to hold to be slant line direction to clip, the force that makes use of the wrist makes wool tip to face oneself from beginning to end;

2, unclear problem, must remember single grafting. Pick up the time with tweezers will be a real eyelash a separate, two eyelashes take the same distance, glue to the right amount, the amount of the eyelash will stick to the side;

3, less than a week to drop, hair and pull glue did not do the position, do a good job before grafting clean when the up and down slide to increase viscose area.

4, not enough thick: when customer oneself eyelash is less, make a base with a single root, pile up with multiple level technique again, can connect in the periphery of eyelash finally fill in again in general, achieve the thick effect, pay attention to do not connect a few eyelashes;

5. Did you have a bad connection? Then why not "beauty ciliary collocation modeling complete solution"? Just look back. Remember, anyone style, the eye head and eye tail handle good, is the pen of the eyeball!