Three Tips for Choosing Clothing Mannequins

February 26, 2020

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Many business firms in the clothing business will purchase clothing model props to show new clothing. Woman's models will be used for woman's clothing, men's models will be purchased for men's clothing, and children's models will be used by children's clothing. Fashion model props have become a beautiful scenery that is very common in life. So how to choose clothing display props? The following tips we tell you:

First focus:

Poor: The quality of the parts (mainly shoulder and hand joints) is not good, even without joints, which directly affects the service life and ease of use.

Second focus:

Medium: Can be used, but not durable. The overall hardness of the model props is average. The shape is not good, the muscles are still deformed, and the oil is still a bit discolored. The makeup method is such a model of the ring factory. You can see it in many clothing stores. Its advantage is that it is stronger and polished than low-grade It's smoother than cymbals.

The third focus:

excellent: strong and durable, easy to assemble, easy to use, paint does not fade, and has skin effect. Wearing this kind of clothes on a model's props is like posing a real person.

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