First: How to choose a suitable hair dye

The prerequisite for hair dyeing is to choose a good quality hair dye. How can I see through the various fancy hair dyes on the market?

1. Distinguish different types of hair dyes (temporary, semi-permanent, permanent)

2. Must have a formal production batch number (approved by the Health Bureau)

3. The label needs to be clear and complete (package label)

4. Try to buy well-known brands (word of mouth, popularity)

Second: Problems in the use of hair dye (focus on hair dyeing)

1. Use semi-permanent hair dye. Generally, there are two types of agents: a/b agent, a agent is color paste, and b agent is chroma;

2. The ratio of the hair dye is 1:1. The b agent determines the depth of the color. If you want a brighter color, you can increase the amount of b agent chroma;

3. Factors affecting the effect of dyed hair color: temperature, amount of chroma, hair quality, background color

4. Before dyeing your hair, apply a hair mask or cream to the easily accessible place on your forehead for easy cleaning.


Friends who use hair dye for the first time, remember to do an allergy test, because allergens are different, so don't ignore it. When dyeing, dye it in strands, don't be too impatient, otherwise it will be uneven. When the temperature is too low, it should be heated appropriately. If there is no heating cap, you can use a hot hair dryer, and use a transparent plastic bag to blow the hair for 10-20 minutes. The effect will be better.