The hair styling doll head with real hair, different from adult mannequins, features an adorable face is a product purchased by parents as a gift to their children and by students to attend makeup training classes. However, some people may find it hard to buy a mannequin doll head with real human hair. Here, we introduce some tips on opting for a nice mannequin head both at online and offline stores. 

A mannequin doll is not only a useful tool for students of beauty school to practice cosmetology skills but also a good accompaniment for kids. There are many beautiful doll heads based on the prototype of Disney princesses and cartoon characters which are welcomed by both parents and kids. Those mannequin dolls for kids are usually made of a mixture of synthetic and real hair so that the manufacturing cost will not be too high.

As for the mannequins with real hair, they are often used to train hairstyling techniques. Due to the requirements of making hairstyles, the quality of mannequins used for practicing is more demanding. Synthetic hair cannot meet the needs for it will become brittle after going through hair-making steps like dyeing and curling.

Then, where can you purchase a hair styling doll head with real hair and how can you select a good one? Even though mannequins are all made with real hair, the hair quality may vary. There are several types of real human hair used to make doll hair. The most common one is the Indian Remy hair. There are two main approaches to buy mannequin heads. One is to go to an offline store. Another is to shop online. 

Buy doll heads offline

If there are stores selling model heads near you, you can just go directly to the store. Looking and touching the doll's hair is the simplest way to judge whether its quality is good or not. You can also compare the quality and price of the products between different stores near you. The disadvantage is that the same manikin at offline stores may be more expensive than those sold online due to rental fees and some other factors. 

But if you can find a manufacturing factory near your home and you want to order a large number of mannequin heads, the average price will be much cheaper. 

If there is not a store selling manikins near you, you can go to accessory stores where manikin models are used to display merchandise. Many mannequins there are selected carefully to highlight products. Ask the salesperson where they buy those mannequin heads and you may get useful information. 

Buy model heads online

Online shopping is more convenient and offers more choices. There are also more stores from across the globe providing manikin heads with hair to consumers. Shopping online, you need to notice the credibility of stores. Store reputation is the prerequisite of the good quality of a product. How to know whether an online store is reputable or not? 

You can firstly take a look at the website design and information posted. A good store will give complete information about its founding history, mission, philosophy, various policies about shipping and post-sales services. Besides, you can see the product classification and easily find the product you want. 

mail addresses and telephone numbers are also useful information. You can contact the sellers by sending an e-mail or making a phone call to see whether they reply to you for the first time. Service can also reflect whether a store is trustworthy. Apart from that, the pictures of products should be very clear. The more detailed the better. 

Furthermore, you can also take the past review as a reference, particularly on some big shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Sometimes, the top-selling does not present the best. You should take a comprehensive look at a mannequin head’s price, making materials, the time of the establishment of a store, customers’ review, and other factors. 


Tips are given on how to buy the hair styling doll head with real hair online and offline. Buying the right mannequin head seems to be easy yet time-consuming. We hope this article can guide you to pick up the best product and save your time.