If you can't wait to practice on an afro styling head doll, you should be also prepared to follow a complex hair care routine. Afro hair requires a special treatment given its kinky structure that makes it sensitive to knots and frizz. The rough texture of natural African hair is also a reason you should be extremely gentle and careful when maintaining this type of hair. Especially when you work with an afro-styled mannequin whose scalp isn't that resistant as a human scalp. Here some valuable tips on caring for black kinky strands. 

1. Make water your best ally

Before starting to comb, wash or style the afro hair of your dummy, remember that kinky hair has a rough texture and creates more friction against a hair tool than straight hair. Trying to brush or detangle the hair while it's dry will require extreme effort which will easily lead to hair breakage, knowing that removing a mannequin hair strand from roots is much easier than a human head one. 

Your best decision is to make water your best friend and use it every time you want to manipulate the hair. Before running the comb along the dummy hair, moisturize the strands with some warm water or hydrating milk. It will make them more slippery and smooth and allow the brush to slide easier given reduced friction.     

2. Adopt a wise washing routine

Afro styling head doll is not demanding when it comes to washing routine. Washing the kinks once in 2 weeks would be enough to keep them in a healthy and eye-pleasing condition. Your best choice would be a moisturizing shampoo to hydrate the hair for long and minimize knots and frizzing. Make a point of avoiding hot hair as it can overdry the hair and make it weaker. Warm water is perfect to keep the strands safe while removing frizz and dryness. 

3. Use protective hairstyles

As long as not in use, you are good to apply protective hairstyles on your afro mannequin. They will prevent breakage and damage of the kinky strands which tend to be more vulnerable than straight hair. These hairstyles include braids, twists, dreadlocks and buns. You can use protective styles in different scenarios. You can do them either during mannequin transportation or when storing the dummy in the wardrobe or when leaving it on the countertop where it's in open access to children who may play with the dummy and damage its fragile locks. 

Keep in mind though that buns and dreadlocks imply extreme tension on the hair. To avoid strands being pulled out from their roots, you are recommended to make the protective hairstyles a bit looser than they should be.   

4. Use oils

Oils are another element that shouldn't miss from the afro styling head doll care routine. Their mission is to fight the excessive dryness of the kinks, make them smoother and brush-friendly and protect against external hazards. Some of the most prominent oils you can use include: coconut oil, olive oil, and black castor oil. They do an excellent job of helping the kinky hair absorb and preserve the moisture and create a shield protecting the hair texture against harmful elements like heat, harsh chemicals and light.    

5. Avoid hairdryer

While it is the champion at drying hair in no time, a blow dryer is not quite recommended to be used with kinky afro-textured hair. The reason it is too fragile to withstand the high heat provided by the device and the intense brush pulling that accompanies the drying. Your wisest decision is to let the hair airdry naturally. Towel drying isn't also a solution, because the roughness of the towel damages the cuticles causing tangles and frizz. After all, it's always better to let the afro hair a bit wet for easier manipulation, so airdrying can take less than you might think.   

Final thoughts

Afro hair has not only a different appearance compared to other hair types, but also a different care routine. When you buy an afro styling head doll, you must be aware of its more fragile construction and exposure to elements. To keep it healthy and out of danger, you should follow the above-mentioned tips that will prevent serious damage and extend the lifespan of the kinks.