We introduce the “top 10 mannequin” from Jfheadmodel in the following content. Mannequin heads are the main products we provide to consumers. These 10 best products are worth buying. 

Mannequins are ubiquitous products in our life. Despite the rapid development of e-commerce, we can still see the mannequins displaying clothes in windows on the streets. It seems that manikins look similar and their major function is to display the items that store owners want to sell. Do you know that there is, in fact, a wide range of mannequin products? 

In offline stores, the most common dummies we see are made to simulate the features of humans for they are used to show clothes for humans. In this case, consumers can better imagine how they will look if they put on those clothes. Therefore, the full-body artificial model is one of the most popular types. 

Another popular manikin product is the mannequin head. Mannequin heads made of different products have many different functions. Some doll heads look adorable and pretty, mimicking the face of children instead of adults. Some of them are designed based on the prototypes of Disney princesses. Therefore, such a product is highly welcomed by girls. 

They can make friends with those beautiful dolls and braid hair for them. Many parents will choose to buy a lovely doll head as a gift to their kids. Besides, the real model heads with delicate makeup are perfect items to display accessories such as earrings, hats, and sunglasses. 

Some are particularly designed for beauty school students or hairdressers to practice their hair-making skills. Some have special skin texture and detailed facial designs that are used to practice makeup skills. 

Here, we introduce the top 10 mannequin in our store, Jfheadmodel to you. Our store has been operated for a relatively long time. We work with reliable manikin suppliers and carefully select the best products. We offer our products at the most competitive prices. We have set up a complete shipping policy aiming to give customers satisfactory services and purchasing experience. 

If you are looking for a quality mannequin head, you can have a look at our products. We will not let you down. Now we offer a 10% discount on mannequin heads. Seize the chance and buy one you like. 

1. A realistic wig head stand DB 7645b

The realistic wig stands in our stores all have carefully painted makeup. This one has dark brown skin. A net cap is attached to the top of the head so that it can prevent the wig from slipping off. It is perfect for displaying accessories. 

2. Mannequin training Head Makeup Head YH1

The training head offers three colors to choose from. It is an ideal item for practicing makeup skills. Buying this product and you can train many skills on it. Because some special pigment may damage the skin, it is suggested to use a spray to cover a layer before you start making makeup. 

3. Real Hair Mannequin training head TH001

Real hair is softer than synthetic hair. This product has golden long hair suitable for practicing hair braiding, curling, and straightening. Avoid using shampoos that contain sulfate ingredients or alcohol which will shorten the life span of the hair. 

4. Tan Mannequin Head Models 4PD3R

This is a set of four mannequin heads with long necks. It is nice for pieces of jewelry and necklaces display. To spend 140 US dollars, you can get four beautiful dummy heads. Each head is also attached with a net cap so that a wig can be better fixed on it. 

5. Tan Color Female PVC Mannequin Head Japan

This female head has a gentle smile, making it look elegant. Without the shoulder design, it is a bit cheaper than the realistic heads. Its ear holes are pierced so you can display earrings. 

6. Cork Canvas Blocked Mannequin Head BLOCK001

Though the canvas head is not as exquisite as the real heads, it is pragmatic and easy to use. You can put a wig to it conveniently. 

7. Fresh Wigs Head Drying Unit

This is a special product made in the shape of a human head. It has many small holes on it so that air can penetrate to dry wigs. It is convenient and perfect for drying and storing wigs. The mouth position has a big hole, so you can put a hairdryer there. 

The rest three mannequins listed in the “top 10 mannequin” in our store are all PVC realistic heads. They are DL487, DB 496 B, and DB487 EYE respectively, all having stunning faces and elaborated details. 

To conclude

Are you looking for wonderful mannequins at reasonable prices? We are sure that you can find many nice choices in our store. As a professional mannequin selling store, we are happy to see customers buy the product they want.