If you're planning to buy a store mannequin for sale, then you need to be ready to invest a significant amount of money. Mannequins are not cheap, even used ones. So you need to make sure to choose the right one so you'll get your money's worth. But it's not that easy to choose a mannequin. First of all, there are many stores selling mannequins. Even big online shops such as Amazon sells mannequins. There are also many different kinds of mannequins. If you're a first-time buyer, you will most likely get confused with the number of options available. This article aims to make the experience of buying a mannequin easier. 

Choosing the right mannequin is important. The wrong choice can have a negative effect on your business. There's a good reason why mannequins are dubbed as silent salespeople. They can really help you move your products and attract customers. The right mannequin can make products appear more appealing. Unfortunately, some stores don't offer much thought to the types of mannequins they choose. They simply buy the first ones they see or the cheapest. But this is not the recommended course of action. You need to put some effort into the process of choosing a mannequin. But your effort will surely be repaid well. 

You need to know that there different kinds of mannequins available, four to be exact. These are realistic, abstract, headless, and bendable. Realistic mannequins are the ones most people are familiar with. They are called realistic because they really look like real people. If you've been to famous department stores such as Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, then you are definitely familiar with realistic mannequins. These are ideal for traditional stores such as the two mentioned above. They tend to attract conservative buyers. Traditional mannequins are made to look like supermodels, tall and with a slim body. Nowadays, however, realistic mannequins can have different types of bodies. 

Realistic mannequins are usually made from fiberglass, particularly the more expensive ones. This is because fiberglass is a very durable material that can be sculpted to like real-life persons. To make the mannequins look more realistic, wigs are placed on them. Some wigs are made from real human hair and that's why they look life-like. The only downside to having ultra-realistic mannequins is that they can be quite difficult to maintain. You need to wash and condition their hair just like that of a real-live human being. You also need to clean the mannequin itself regularly to maintain its look and quality. 

In your search for a store mannequin for sale, you'll probably encounter abstract mannequins. There are several types of abstract mannequins. Some still have facial features while others don't have any features at all. The latter is usually called egghead because their heads look like eggs. They are smooth and don't have any details of features. Then some abstract mannequins have futuristic or even robot-like features. They look like they came straight from a sci-fi movie. Some of the known brands that use abstract mannequins are Ralph Lauren and Nike. Both of these brands project a bold image. So if you want to project the same brand identity, then abstract mannequins may work for you as well. 

You'll probably encounter headless mannequins. As the name suggests, this type of mannequin doesn't come with ahead. Some of these mannequins have elongated necks. Some brands use headless mannequins because they feel they are more effective in promoting products, particularly clothes. This is because some customers get distracted by a mannequin's face. Some are even creeped out by the life-like features of mannequins. So if a mannequin doesn't have a face, then customers can focus more on the clothes and not on the mannequin. After all, the products are still more important than the mannequins. Some famous brands that are known to use headless mannequins are the Banana Republic and The Gap. 

Knowing the different types of mannequins available can help you to choose the right store mannequin for sale. If you have a conservative brand then you are better off with a traditional-looking mannequin. But if you want to be more trendy and attract the younger, more adventurous market, then using an abstract or a headless mannequin may suit you better.