A beauty salon doll head can help you achieve the dream of becoming hairstyles a master. Many girls or even boys like to play Barbie dolls in their childhood, they dreamed of becoming a hairdresser or make-up master when they grow up. Even if they do not work in these industries, they want to make themselves look stunning. 

Yes, like Barbie dolls, Dummy head with hair is such a great product for salons, barbershops, and even for individuals. It helps you become a master in the haircut industry. Different than a Barbie, the fake head size is the same as human head size, you can create so many different fancy hairstyles with it. 

Those who may need the fake head to practice hairdressing can read the below article to know more about the usage of the doll head. Hope you will find it useful! 

Braiding hair genius

It is known to all that different hair lengths may cause the same haircut to look differently. For some new learners or little girl who just start to braid their hair, it is complicated for them to understand how the tails would look like with their hair volume. They need to picture whether the pigtails or ponytails need longer hair to do it or not. 

Sometimes you can see so many different new braiding hairstyles coming up on Youtube or Vlog, you may want to learn! Everyone could become talented if they do it well! This kind of fake head could give you lots of practice chances. You can start to braid the fake hair before you braid your hair. 

Cutting the hair

For those who want to buy their first beauty salon doll head, they will need to consider the hair length of the training head. If you are new to this, we would suggest you buy a longer hair dummy than short hair. Longer hair is more preferable. 

As if the hair is long, you can do any hairstyle with it, you can even cut the extra hair if you want it shorter. But if you buy a dummy head with short hair which is only for styling short hairstyles, you cannot cut, braid, or even curl the hair as you wish. The hairstyles are limited with short hair for new learners. 

Curl or crimper the hair

New learners may have a high interest in using curler or crimper when styling hairstyles. These beauty tools are very nice helpers! But be careful with your fake head, as some cheap hair may not be used on heat. We know that the temperature from the curler or crimper is up to 170°C, sometimes even 200°C if you want to do ringlet. So your fake hair should be able to use on the heat. 

Appropriate using ways should be applied every time to keep your dummy head with hair safe. Treat the fake heads like real heads then you could use them for a longer time. Don’t forget to share your post to win some likes! You are on the way to become a pro! 

Where can you buy a beauty salon doll head?

Doll head for training is always available in stores or on online shopping websites such as Amazon, Wish, or eBay. If you put “beauty salon doll head” into google, thousands of websites will bounce out waiting for you to review. It is not hard to purchase one or two heads per your needs. You can go through these pages to find out your best choice. 

Compare 2-3 kinds of the different heads if your budget is limited. You can compare based on finishing, material, hair length, hair color, stand height, and so on. You can even compare the prices from online and local stores. No matter where you buy the training heads, you need to consult the store’s keeper or read the review on the website carefully before making the decision. 

If you do not read the spec carefully, you may buy something that is not suitable for you, or even far beyond your intention. Like we mentioned above, if the training head cannot be used on heat, and you style it with the crimper, the hair may be burned and it may cause a fire! This is very dangerous. 

From this article, we hope you can start to get to know training heads. If you have any needs, you can do further digging in our blog to find out more: https://www.jfheadmodel.com/.