An acrylic mannequin head is a mannequin head made of clear plastic. It can have many purposes. Mainly, it can be used in shops to display different kinds of products, including hats, wigs, glasses, scarves, ties, and jewelry. The use of mannequin heads is said to increase sales because they make products more attractive. 

When a particular product is displayed on a mannequin head, people can better visualize themselves wearing the product. Many prefer acrylic heads because they don't have the human-like features that conventional mannequins have. These features can sometimes serve as a distraction from the products being sold. Acrylic heads also look modern and have a minimalist appearance, making them perfect for contemporary stores. 

Of course, if you're a store owner, you can simply display your goods on a shelf or rack. But will that appeal to the customers you want to attract. You should put yourself in the shoes of the customers. If you enter a store and you see products that are just scattered on a display shelf or table, would it make you want to buy the products being sold? Now imagine entering a store and you see a hat properly displayed on an acrylic mannequin head, it will surely catch your attention, right? It doesn't only work for hats. It will work for other products as well. Now, you know why it's useful to have a mannequin head in your store. 

Now you can use an acrylic head or you can use a conventional one. It's up to you. But this article will tell you the merits of acrylic. Being a clear material, an acrylic head can be much more appealing than a conventional mannequin head. It can actually look like a crystal especially if you can get an acrylic head with exceptional quality. 

Acrylic is also a very durable material. It may seem fragile but it's actually not. It's an excellent alternative to glass that, as you may know already, is a fragile material. Acrylic can be as clear as glass but it is 17 times more impact resistant. Also, glass is heavy. Acrylic, on the other hand, is a light material. Acrylic is also resistant to changes in temperature, making it ideal for hot climates. It is also resistant to many different kinds of chemicals. 

An acrylic mannequin head is also good for branding. It's perfect for hip companies that are trying to attract a young and active demographic. Some people actually don't like realistic-looking mannequins and mannequin heads. They actually think they look scary. Mannequin heads in particular tend to repel some people. So the solution is to get an acrylic head. 

Because they don't have the features of a real human face, acrylic heads are more appealing to people, especially to young consumers. Conventional mannequins and mannequin heads tend to remind young individuals of old shops, the kind they used to visit when they were kids. Sometimes, however, nostalgia can work against a brand. For a young and up-and-coming company, using an acrylic head makes more sense. 

If you can, you can even have a customized acrylic head. This is the best choice since it will allow you to determine the exact features that you want for a mannequin head. Maybe you simply want ahead or maybe you want to include the neck and shoulders. You can even have an abstract-looking head. It's all up to you. But you need to know, however, that customized mannequin heads are more expensive than off-the-shelf ones. But if you care about your brand then it's an investment that you should be willing to make. Having a customized mannequin head can set you apart from other shops. 

Can you put a wig on an acrylic head? Why not? It all depends on the type of look you're after. You should also pay attention to how you'll group the mannequin heads together. And of course, you need more than just one head. You need several even if your store is just small. For the arrangement of the mannequin heads in your store, you can probably ask the opinion of a visual merchandiser. This kind of person is an expert in arranging the different elements of a store.