Fiberglass mannequin head bust is more and more popular among store owners who want to highlight the beauty of their fashion items and increase sales. In spite of its growing popularity, there are still many misconceptions about fiberglass dolls that make people refuse to buy them and invest in another type of dummy. Find below 4 debunked myths about fiberglass manikins.


 1. It's the same as plastic

Probably the main misconception about fiberglass dolls is that they are the same as plastic dolls. While some similarity exists, these are still two different materials with different composition, appearance, and durability. In a broad perspective, fiberglass can be presented as a form of plastic, but the manufacturing process differs, just as well as the features. Fiberglass is an inorganic material made of fibers of glass and resin, while plastic is organic and is made of composite polymers.


Since resin is also a polymer, fiberglass can fall under the category of plastics, but the additional fibers still make it a separate material that offers different features. For example, while plastic reflects light, fiberglass absorbs it, making the dummy look more realistically. So, if you don't want to buy a plastic mannequin, don't rush to throw the fiberglass mannequin head bust out of the list, assuming that it is also plastic. It's a different doll that has what to surprise you with and deserves a try.


2. It's easy to break

Another myth about fiberglass dummies is that they are easy to break. Not that easy as many people might think. But still, it would be fair to admit that fiberglass dolls are a bit less durable than plastic ones. However, it doesn't mean that fiberglass is like a sugar cube that can be crushed with two fingers. If the dummy falls on the floor, it won't turn into pieces. It won't lose integrity, but it will get some scratches or little dents, depending on the height it falls from. A fiberglass dummy isn't the one that likes impacts and permanent abuse. That's why you have to care a lot about its maintenance and prevent it from unpleasant accidents. After all, if you store it in a safe place and clean it regularly and properly, it will serve you for years. Have no doubt about it.


3. It's only for fashion display

A popular misconception about fiberglass busts is that they can be used only for fashion displays. Well, indeed, this type of doll was designed to add chic and value to clothes and accessories in fashion stores to help them attract the attention of more potential customers and eventually increase sales. But, it doesn't mean that only clothing boutiques owners can buy fiberglass dolls. If you can afford it, why not adorn your house with a realistic and elegant dummy where you can store your garment items, headwear pieces, and jewelry. However, make sure you place it away from children's reach to prevent them from felling it on the floor, painting it, staining it, and causing other types of damage.


4. It's hard to clean

Another myth that's not true and requires to be debunked is that fiberglass dolls are hard to clean. It's more correct to say that fiberglass mannequin head bust is easy to miss, but it's not the same thing as hard to clean. Indeed, fiberglass dolls work as magnets for dust and dirt. Since they are smooth, they are also a perfect surface for scuff marks. But, you won't have to spend a whole day removing those scuff marks and dirt. You can clean the dummy with ease using a mixture of warm water and routine cleaning. Soak a clean cloth in the mixture and gently rub it against the dummy. One thing that can extend the cleaning time is that using a harsh brush is not allowed, as it may scratch the doll. You are better off staying on a smooth cloth and do a couple more rubbing motions.  



To sum up, many myths about fiberglass mannequin head busts do not correspond to reality. There is no need to worry about the doll's excess fragility, difficult cleaning, and ability to reflect light because all these conceptions are false. Just give a try to a fiberglass mannequin to convince yourself about this.