What Does Mannequin Head Price Depend On?

January 13, 2021

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Since there are many variations of doll heads on the market, the mannequin head price is never the same. When you intent to buy a 3D head model, you may want to have a rough understanding of how much you will have to pay for it. You always want to choose something that fits your budget. In this article, we will tell you what affects the doll head cost so that you can make an informed decision and prepare your budget before you go to the store. 

1. Material

The material influences a lot the price of the mannequin head. When you go to the store or browse the online shop, you will see some types of materials that head models are made of. The most popular are cork, canvas, styrofoam and silicone. Well, if you have a tight budget, or if you don't have great plans with the head (for example, just storing your wig in your room), you may opt for a styrofoam doll, which is the cheapest option of all. Truth be said, this head is also the easiest to damage, so you have to take good care of it. 

Cork and canvas are a bit more pricey, as they provide a more realistic feel and are more durable. If speaking though of the most expensive material, it is silicone. It imitates human skin to the finest detail, being perfect for make-up practicing, as well as for fashion display since the doll looks realistic, appealing and bright. 

2. Painted/not painted

If you buy the head to store your wig, you may not need it to have highlighted facial features. You just need a stand for displaying your hairpiece and that's all. However, if you plan on displaying the doll in a fashion store or jewelry exhibition, your target would be a painted mannequin that has painted lips, eyes and eyebrows, resembling a human face a lot. A painted mannequin costs more than a doll whose features are not highlighted. 

3. Human hair or synthetic hair

If you plan on buying a hair training head model, you have to consider what kind of hair it is made of, since it significantly affects mannequin head price. Human hair is more expensive than fake hair. It has to do with the harvesting process that takes sometimes much time and entails a royalty to each donor. It may give you pause in purchasing a natural hair head, but you should also consider the multitude of benefits that this wig comes with.

It is more styling-friendly, more durable and offers a more natural look, helping you achieve a more realistic hair styling experience. With these upsides in mind, investing in a human hair head seems worthwhile and smart.

4. Stand

Another aspect that affects the mannequin head price is the existence of a stand. Usually, if the doll head is connected to a stability basis, or has a clamp included, it may add to its cost. Sometimes though, the mannequin comes with no holder integrated or included in the package. It's usually headed for storing which are not subject to much action. 

However, you should expect to pay more for a mannequin made for make-up and hairstyling training. You will pull on the hair, massage, push, press with your hands, which can make the head unstable. That's why investing in a stand or a fixing device will be necessary.   

Doll head price

As we have already mentioned, there is a wide variety of mannequin heads on the market and their price varies dramatically. You can find styrofoam dolls costing around $5, but there are also heads whose price exceeds $30 and reaches up to $100. Generally, you will have to pay around 100 bucks for heads with human hair wig and painted facial features. 

All in all, if you want to estimate the mannequin head price before you head to the store, you have to look for several things. You have to decide what kind of material and hair you want your doll head to have. Silicone heads with human hair wigs are the most expensive. You must also decide whether you need your head model to have a stand and painted facial features. These two aspects also affect the final price.  

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