A Practice Mannequin Head is one category under Mannequin or Manikin Heads. Unlike other under mannequin heads, this type is usually utilized for beauty schools, the cosmetology and hairstyling industry, and practice for state board examinations.

The ability to duplicate lessons from beauty instructors, or copy the latest make-up or hairstyle trend would not only require watching a video, listen to instructors, or look at two-dimensional photos in the magazine. As the great Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. Involvement matters and this saying is particularly true in learning and mastering the craft of putting on making-up and hairstyling.


Features and Benefits

So, what makes Practice Mannequin Heads great for practice? Well, since mannequin heads are designed to imitate human heads, it also comes with the functionality of a hair and face that makes it a great venue to apply and test techniques.


1. Practice Mannequin Heads feature a wide variety of hair characteristics.

And by wide variety, it literally means wide. Hair attached to mannequin heads come in different colors, lengths, textures, materials, and other features.

Mannequin Head hair can be a single color of brown, black or blonde. Some can sport multicolored and vibrant hues. These hues can be totally helpful as guides when learning how to braid.

Just like humans, these mannequin heads also come in male, female, and children. With these kinds, it is also expected that hair length varies. Male heads have shorter hair, while female heads have it longer, usually with a span of 17 to 30 inches. For the latter, this amount of length makes it good for cutting and styling.

Would you also believe that there are mannequin heads that come with semi-relaxed hair? This is aside from the usual straight, wavy, or curly hair attached to mannequin heads. The availability of this type of hair texture allows the hands-on experience of hairstylists and students on these unique types of locks before navigating the roads of working with a real-life client. Additionally, this is important to determine what hair products and grooming tools will work best for them.

It also has hair that can either be made of pure synthetic, 100% human hair and somewhere in between. For versatility, it is always best to choose those that have real human hair as it can be treated just like how you do to your own. They are not only limited to being cut or styled, but they can also be used for treatments, coloring, perming, and provide a better evaluation of the hair products used on them. This human hair usually comes from Asian countries like China, India, and Korea.

Lastly, aside from the crowning glory, some practice mannequin heads also feature facial hair which is definitely a big yes for barbers who need not only work with cranial hair. Other mannequin heads also come with velcro straps allowing wig changes and holders or stands which can be very useful as a support for work to be done easier.


2. Practice Mannequin Heads have facial features.

By now, it is already established that Practice Mannequin Heads replicate not only the features but also the functions of a human head when it comes to the beauty industry. So, just like real faces, it also acts as a canvas for cosmetologists and make-up artists to show and hone their talents; and for average people to know and practice the steps on properly applying makeup.

Since practice mannequin heads are usually made up of vinyl and plastics, it is important to note that they do not absorb materials applied to them in the same way our skin does. This means that fewer products such as foundation, eyeshadow, and blush is necessary. It is also suggested to be wary of applying tints or stains on the mannequin head as it might discolor them permanently.

Although with these limitations, mannequin heads also offer flexibility in particular to the availability of models with diverse complexion. Furthermore, if your only goal is to find a venue to apply a certain technique or test a new beauty product, practicing mannequin heads might still be your best option.