A hair art mannequin is a valuable tool for many professions, and also to have them at home, overthrowing the myth that mannequins are only pieces of fashion and stores.


What is a hair art mannequin for?


There are many uses for these fabulous tools, beauty salons use them to practice the haircuts and hairstyles they want to perfect, in this way in a beauty academy the head mannequin is implemented for instruction in terms of techniques to be learned for the most sophisticated haircuts that exist and that are created.


They are also very useful in perfecting the techniques to be used in hair coloring, and hair art mannequins are often used for haircut exhibitions, serving as displays for clients to select, based on what they visualize, the haircut they like best.


These mannequins are very useful to present displays of all types of wigs, serving as a great tool for stores and salons that work with hairpieces.


Importance of the hair art mannequin


Hair throughout history has been considered the main element in the personality and beauty of human beings, since ancient times, the Egyptians, the Romans, and many cultures gave the hair special importance, arising from those times the specialty of those who worked in the hair, and turning this work into a form of art.


History has shown that the length of the hair, the way it was cut, the way it was styled, the ornaments or accessories used on it, always marked guidelines in terms of the positions that were occupied in society, so you could see how an empress wore her hair, with regal and ostentatious hairstyles, with accessories on her hair made of jewels and fine metals, while a free citizen of the Roman people could not wear her hair with so much category.


In today's society, this has changed, but hair is still considered an element of art, and technology has brought about transcendental changes in the way hair is treated and in everything related to the art of beauty, creating new equipment and tools that facilitate the work of those engaged in the profession of hairdressers and stylists, the creation of new and versatile art mannequin has contributed to a high degree to the evolution in all aspects of hair art.


For centuries the use of wigs has been incorporated, the eagerness of people to dedicate special care to the way they look physically, gave rise to this peculiar instrument, which has served many purposes, including beauty, therapeutic, and artistic.


These tools so useful for many, are made of different types of hair, many are of human hair, other hair of synthetic, and there are mixed, these are composed of a certain percentage of natural hair and another percentage of synthetic hair, are made in different types of hair, straight, curly, semi wavy, afros, etc., and currently used a wide range of colors that can range from black blondes, silver to impressive and challenging deep pink and multi-colored tones.


To manufacture, exhibit, work, dye, and style them, hair art mannequins are used, they provide the necessary support for a good job, they also have the style, aesthetics, beauty, and realism that provide an additional attraction at the time of the exhibition.


Among excellent models of this art mannequin, we can name the following:






This is a nice head mannequin with an astonishingly realistic face, smooth skin, and fine facial features, with a beautiful blonde hair, with straight hair, which has a length of 14 inches, comes equipped with a stand and table clamp, the support is inserted at the bottom in a hole provided for this purpose, it is a perfect art mannequin for practice haircuts, for drying, and training in dyeing, you can use hairdryers and straighteners for ironing that do not exceed temperatures of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.






With brown hair, synthetic fiber tested for heat resistance, this model of art mannequin has 14 inches long hair, functional for washing, drying, conditioning, straightening, curling, cutting, bleaching, painting, braiding, and excellent for training and styling all types of hairstyles.


Art mannequin is a fundamental piece that should be exploited to obtain maximum benefit, thanks to the benefits they provide to the field of styling and beauty, a profession that seeks perfection by turning haircuts and hairstyles into works of art, and for this nothing better than an art tool such as these mannequins.