The Debra Mannequin Head or Debra is an example of a cosmetology mannequin head or that which is used to practice hairstyling and makeup. It is from Celebrity, a company well-known for producing human hair mannequins or manikins. The head is made up of vinyl with 100% hand-implanted human hair permanently attached to the head.

As a fact, mannequin heads imitate the look of a human head and come in different shapes and sizes. They can also be found in diverse industries serving varied purposes such as to display hats, wigs, headphones, and other head accessories in retail stores; help students practice in beauty schools; and professionals in the cosmetology and hairstyling sector.

As one of the highly recommended products in its category, Debra Mannequin Head has three different models: Debra Manikin, Debra Manikin with Holder, and Deluxe Debra Manikin. All three models come with facial makeup.

What are the Uses of the Debra Mannequin Head?

The Debra Mannequin Head is popular among people of various ages. They had been reported to be one of the top choices in schools, cosmetology practice, or gifts for younger girls who have a budding passion for hairstyle and beauty. This is for the reason that these “Debbies” can be used for make-up application, hair styling, and hair treatments.

Makeup Application

Make-up can be applied and can be removed easily on these mannequin heads. This is made possible by the rubbery plastic and smooth texture of the head’s lips and skin. Debra also works well for basic make-up application and contour blending but can be limiting when it comes to eye shadow application.

Hair Styling on

The hair on Debra Mannequin Head is 100% human which means that it can be cut, styled, and blow-dried. Moreover, it can also stand heat styling. Thus, it can be used both with a straightening iron & a curling iron. The hair is said to be sewn very well and can be good for braiding and attaching hair extensions.

Reviews have also claimed that the hair on this mannequin head was easy to comb out right out the box, with little to no shed and tangles.

Hair Treatment on

This mannequin head is designed to be a human head and therefore, the attached hair is safe for shampooing and conditioning. Those who have purchased or tried this product claim that Debra’s can take a beating as they can be washed multiple times, bleached, colored, and dyed.  Arrays of hair products can also be applied to it while styling to keep it softer and more manageable.

How do Debra Mannequin Head Models Differ from Each Other?

Debra Mannequin Heads have received favorable reviews from its buyers on e-commerce sites like Amazon. These mannequin heads have been praised for the hair quality, hair length adequacy, and suitability for practicing any hairstyle in particular for beauty schools, cosmetology classes, and state board exams.

Based on its official website,, Debra comes in three models.

Debra Manikin (D804)

This is the most affordable Debra in the bunch with a mid $40.00 price range. It features a 17"-19", brown, and 100% hand-implanted human hair with vinyl head and facial make-up. Although some customers who have bought this model claim that the hair is a bit thinner than expected, “it would still work great to cut for barber testing”.

Debra Manikin with Holder (D804-DUO)

As the name suggests, this has the same features as the original Debra Manikin model but comes with an H-888 holder.  The H-888 holder is beneficial in securely fastening the mannequin’s head while doing the make-up application, hair styling, or hair treatment. It is thoughtfully designed in a way that it can attach to pretty much any surface.

This additional feature increases the product’s price to $ 54.16.

Deluxe Debra Manikin (DLX804)

Just like the other models, it is known for, Deluxe Debra Manikin features 100% human hair but tries to solve the problem of “thinner hair”, by offering greater density of hair for more styling possibilities. It features 18"-20" of full brown hair and facial make-up and has a price of $51.25.