You will be surprised after knowing about mannequin head price in Ghana. If you are looking for the mannequins at the best rate then you are at the right place because here you will get high-quality products at very reasonable rates. You can check the specifications for each product in Ghana stores before buying it.

 Different Mannequin Head Price in Ghana

Before buying any product in Ghana you must check out its features and quality first. These mannequins come in different designs and are made up of a variety of materials. You can use them in many ways to attractively display your products. It is very beneficial for makeup artists and people working in boutiques.  Hairstylists can also go for them as you don’t have to spend much on them.  If you have decided to buy one of these for yourself then you should also know about the prices of different mannequin models in Ghana:

●  Female Plastic Mannequin Head Model

This mannequin has a super smooth surface and is so clean and is unbreakable. This is a lightweight product that can be handled easily and is easy to carry from one place to another. This will not harm your skin or environment because it is made up of plastic. You can color them according to your choice and need. Its weight is approx. 270g and is available in two colors black and white. It comes in a base length of approx 25cm and a height of approx. 40cm. the most special thing about this model is that its color doesn’t fade for a long time and has easy maintenance.  The rate of a female plastic mannequin head in Ghana is 19 GHC.

● Styrofoam Mannequin Head Model

A head model made up of a material called Styrofoam is known as the Styrofoam mannequin head model. It is made up of polystyrene and is ideal to display wigs hats, scarves, and jewelry. You can pin the wigs or any other product to this display model very easily. You will get this super-strong head in Ghana at very cheaper rates. This will give your business a professional look. Styrofoam mannequin head price in Ghana is 22 GHC.

●  Dummy Wig Head Mannequin

This product is a very essential tool in learning hairstyling and when it is placed with a clamp the learning becomes more easy and comfortable. It is useful in wig making as it can be rotated in any direction and its flexibility makes it unique from others. It has a flat base which helps in the easy positioning of this product. It is a bit heavier and slightly expensive than other mannequins. The fare of a dummy wig head is 62 GHC.

●  PE Head Model Mannequin

The special thing about this head model is that its features are highlighted with sharp ends and have a beautiful look with hairs. This is best suited in the fashion industry for displaying hats, caps, and glasses. Also, it fascinates the customers to buy your product without any extra effort. It is great for long and curly wigs. It comes in skin color mostly and its material is super durable. The cost of the PE head model in Ghana is 49 GHC.

●  Canvas Cork Block Mannequin Head

You may deal with an issue of varieties of color in mannequins but luckily you can get this canvas mannequin head in any color that you like. They also come in decorative canvas mannequins like you can get a handmade painting on this type of head model. It is an eco-friendly product but you should handle this product with care as it is a little delicate. The range of a canvas mannequin head lies between 100 to 150 GHC.


Going for a mannequin in Ghana can be the best option once you know the detailed information about every product. This will help you distinguish between different varieties and you can choose the made-for-you product without any misconception. You can purchase them from online stores as there are many online shopping websites in Ghana which deliver trusted products with secure payments. Mannequin head price in Ghana is so reasonable that you will not miss any chance of buying these new mannequin display models at any price.