When you search for the shop mannequin online, all kinds of results and thousands of images come up. These mannequins can be sorted by male and female, by material, by size, or by height. Mannequins have long been silent salesmen who can influence customers' buying behavior.

Model is the most important display props in the store display. It covers a large area and is eye-catching in the store. At the same time, the wearing of models is the most complete carrier to reflect the effect of goods matching, because it is in line with the real wearing state of consumers, with a strong sense of substitution, enabling consumers to visualize their wearing effect more directly.

The purpose of using the shop mannequin 

Instead of displaying items individually or hanging them monotonously on a hanger, customers can see how clothes work together on shop models. Store model collocation can stimulate customers' desire to buy impromptu. It is easy for customers to have a sense of substitution, to imagine themselves as models and how the goods feel on their bodies.

Model classification

Models are generally divided into the half model, full model, local model, and other special display models. The focus of different models is different, and the display method also has differences.

The full model is one of the most common and the most widely used models, basically applicable to all clothing and style. It can be more intuitive and complete to display goods. Half mold is generally used as a coat or dress display. Such half mold will rarely wear pants. To better display the goods, reflect the characteristics and functionality of the goods, some local display models are particularly important. For example, leg mold, head mold, hand mold, and so on.

Shop mannequin placement

A lot of brands don't make good use of models when they do window displays. Moreover, if the models are not displayed well, the customers won’t have the desire to go in, so what should be the correct window mannequin display? The model in the shop has so many poses, how to choose? What is particular about the placement of models in different positions? 

The layout is mainly divided into array type and scene type. The array type is to place multiple models with the same pose, in a single linear structure to place, to bring customers a greater visual impact. Scene style has a certain narrative and theme, through models and props to create a scene. After all, a purely commercial display design is not enough to attract consumers.

After all, Collocation needs to create narrative conflict and atmosphere between models through clothing collocation, so that the relationship between models will not be loose. At the same time, the relationship between models can also be described in the clothing details, such as the echo of certain accessories, the connection of a pattern, the setting of the movements, to create a sense of tacit understanding between models.

Model collocation

What is a successful model pairing? Even before the assistant says anything, the customer says, "Let me try on this dress on the model." Above all businesses should pay attention to collocation and harmony. Clothes and the shop mannequin should work together and present a harmonious atmosphere. 

Second, you should notice color integral. On the choice of color, it is best to choose two kinds of contrast color, so that it can bring customers stronger color contrast. An exhibition rack color should control in 1-2 main colors to make the overall collocation more harmonious.  

Finally, we should pay attention to the humanization of modeling. When we wear clothes, knees, abdomen, elbows, and so on will generally appear wrinkle phenomenon. In the display of window models, making these humanized modeling will appear the effect of clothing collocation more natural, but also can let customers have a stronger sense of substitution. 

Model maintenance method

For mannequins made of gypsum, you can talcum powder with a dry muslin-stained wipe. While for models made of plastic, do not use chemical additives, please use the commonly used cleaning porcelain that does not hurt the hand of the detergent scrub. As for models made of glass fiber, it is necessary to re-spray on the corresponding paint. 

Purchase method

Want to buy a cheap mannequin? You can buy a variety of the best mannequins online to find one that fits you! In addition to high-quality brands, you'll also find plenty of discounts when you buy mannequins during sales. There are many online stores with free shipping and free returns, which will make your online shopping experience even better.

If you think the price is too expensive, you can choose to buy second-hand models but in the purchase of second-hand models you must pay attention to its quality, because second-hand models are used before.To open a clothing store, models must be indispensable. A model is equivalent to a guide. Mannequins are not only props to display products, but also can add to the atmosphere of the whole store and arouse the interest of customers.