Are you interested in a mannequin woman for sale? Today, the mannequin has a history of more than 100 years. Materials developed from primitive wood and waxed paper to fiberglass and plastic. Mannequins are generally smaller today than they were in the early 20th century. In particular, every change of female models is timely corresponding to the development of fashion history and is the projection of people's aesthetic appreciation.

Model props can be divided into sitting display model, standing display model, male model, female model, and children model. According to the material, it can be divided into glass fiber or plastic, with a variety of posture and color choices. People choose store models according to their brand image, product positioning, and target groups. Female models are widely used in clothing stores, jewelry stores, and beauty and hair salons that cater mainly to women. 

Importance of mannequin woman for sale

The application of model props is of great significance to the store. Models and props first communicate with customers through visual marketing to show the fashion clothes in the store and stimulate customers' interest in buying. Therefore, using models to impress consumers and attract consumers has become a widely used sales method. If you have a clothing store or jewelry store, then female models are necessary.

Classifications of the mannequin woman for sale

Simulation model -- resembling real person, which is suitable for window display, in-store display, and display that need to create atmosphere.

Sculpture models - the image is similar to art sculpture. Models have different colors, like black, color, gray. It is more abstract and cold, which is different from simulation models that have a sense of life.

Abstract simulation model –it only has the body's three circumferences, even just a general hanger structure. This kind of model is more interesting and suitable for performance and prominent popular clothing. 

Grey cloth platform – this is a commonly used type of garment processing enterprise. It is made of wood and covered with a thick layer of cloth, white or black, with wood or stainless steel at the top and bottom. It is often used to try on samples. Store displays are not used much.

Adjustable stand - Unlike the trunk stand, the adjustable stand is very easy to change on the clothes, and it is easy to melt into the store no matter where it is placed. 

How to select a mannequin?

Female models generally have the half model, full model, and other special display models. The focus of models is different, and the style of clothing displayed is also different.

The full model is one of the most common mannequin woman for sale, basically applicable to all clothing and style. It can be more intuitive to display goods. It should be noted that the whole mold has a different texture, color, and posture, including sitting mold, standing mold, and so on. In the selection process, we need to pay attention to whether the material and color of the model are consistent with the goods.

Half mold is generally used as a coat, jacket, or dress display, the overall texture is relatively good. Such half mold will rarely wear trouser suits because of the chassis and the pole set. The effect of wearing a trouser suit is not ideal, and not enough to support the trouser shape. Of course, this is not absolute, but relatively speaking.

Half and full models in stores are often unable to meet our requirements for displaying goods. To better display goods and reflect the characteristics and functionality of goods, some local display models are particularly important. For example, leg mold, head mold, hand mold, and so on.

Purchase method-Online wholesale

If you follow the traditional approach to wholesale markets to pick up goods in person, travel costs are high and will be subject to weather and time constraints. While customers buying online on wholesale mall platforms, you don’t need to leave home. The fashion trend, choice, and price of online shopping are all more advantageous.  

In addition, buying on the website can improve efficiency. No matter what city you are in, the transportation is convenient. Most cities will receive the goods in 1-3 days, which greatly improves the efficiency.

To the website wholesale, you can choose the best-selling products according to the hot list of reference data to reduce business risks. At the same time, the online wholesale mall will launch a single mixed batch service, which can meet your needs to the type and quantity. 

Purchase Considerations

First of all, pay attention to whether the model can withstand pressure and fall down. In general, models should not easily break or deform, or it may be dangerous.

The second is to observe whether the scale of the model is true. A more realistic proportion of the human body would better appeal to consumers and allow them to associate their body shape.

The third is whether the model is environmentally friendly. It is best to use green raw materials, which must meet national safety standards and product quality standards. Finally, please pay attention to the after-sales service and return and exchange problems to prevent quality problems.

The woman mannequin is key to attract customers in shop operation. Good use of models will produce a huge butterfly effect on the market. So if you want to buy mannequins, make clear of your requirements and make orders.