The female polystyrene head is never out of style for its multi-functional usage. It is made of polystyrene foam plastics processed through compounding, mold pressing, foaming, shaping, and coloring. Normally in the market, you can see black and white foam heads sold. These are typical head models that will be used in many ways. 

Many girls or women enjoy creating and making things. You may find THE SIMS 4 is very popular and enjoy changing clothes, make-up on this computer game. Foam heads can also do this job if you want to explore the fun of doll creation. 

Use foam heads as an art project

In nowadays, hand-made items are more and more precious as not many people will spend time creating their stuff. So foam heads may help them to spend a little time on crafts making. You can see different art projects from new beginners or professional masters on Instagram, TikTok, and other APP. They all win lots of likes due to the unique creation. 

If you do it well enough, you can even do make-up for your fake head to practice make-up skills, or just make it an art. If you have children that go to kindergarten, you may use some foam heads as their art and crafts homework material. As many kindergartens now request children to do a DIY project by using many different types of materials and methods, such as paper-cutting, dumpster renovation, and so on. 

Polystyrene shapes provide a fantastic blank canvas for all kinds of home decorations and craft projects. They can be painted, drawn, or spray on using marker pens or gouache ink, embellished with glitter, or covered with fabric or newspapers as well. 

Create unique home crafts with female mannequin heads is not that hard. You can do it as well! At first, you may don’t know what to do, by simply dye or wrap the head models with deco can be meaningful. Through days of practicing, everyone could make unique items and enjoy DIY as their new hobby. 

Female mannequin heads are perfect display stands

A female polystyrene head is a great and cost-effective way of displaying hats and other accessories. Cheap foam heads sometimes may not be good as their finishing looks bad and easily tip over. Cheap heads will not be stable to hold your items or even cause them damaged. So for long-term use, you need to consider the money spend as an investment. Buy high-quality heads thus they can be used a long time. 

Head models for wigs don't need special maintenance and care. You could treat them as a piece of furniture and rub it with a towel once a month is fine. Due to its lightweight, it is also easy for one person to change the accessories that it wears, so it is such a good display stand for women. 

People who run his or her fashion business will need some foam heads to present their products. Imagine, the polystyrene female head with a long neck will allow your necklace to look amazing, and ended up generating a lot of buying interest in your table and sales! I think you already know the advantages of having these fake heads on your booth table or shops! 

How much will you spend on the fake heads?

Non-brand or second-hand female mannequin’s heads may be cheaper even if their conditions are good enough. No matter you are a beginner or a master in mannequin DIY, we suggest you can buy cheap fake heads as you will do renew yourself. Cover it with all the deco and arts they will eventually look more fantastic than before. This type of head only costs around $80-$200 depends on the condition. 

A brand new full-priced mannequin is not cheap and not often used to present items in small stores. For stores owner, we recommend you to buy a brand-new head when they are on sale. But if you do not have much money to spend, second-hand fake foam heads are also a good choice as long as you check them carefully before purchase. Finishing and stability are major points that affect the outcome of the presentation of a product. 

Till now, believe you can have a good understanding of the female polystyrene head after reading this article. We hope this article can give you a reference when you are considering buying the product so that you will not regret buying the product and you can have a wonderful time with it.