Do you see the model with different mannequin head hairstyles? No matter what your needs are, you can try to purchase a high-quality mannequin to meet your requirements. Mannequin hairstyles are a great way to practice your beauty and hairdressing skills as well as for business use.


What are the common mannequin head hairstyles

1. Box braid

This hairstyle looks cool and fashionable. All hair should be braided. Tie the hair close to the scalp tightly. This process can take a long time, even as long as several hours, but once completed, it can also last quite a long time with low maintenance.


2. The French braid

This hairstyle makes you look cute and energetic. This is a classic that will never lose the favor of women. Light-haired mannequins are good to practice this style because lighter hair shows off the braid better. The model's hair should be soft, smooth, and long to meet the requirements for this style. If the hair can have small curls, the effect will be better.


3. The Dutch weave

You also need thick, long hair for this style. It gives you a gentle and quiet appearance. The three-strand braid technique is used to create hairstyles. It will make your hair look fluffy instead of flat. It's easy to practice with the head of a mannequin.


4. Braided bang hairstyle

If you like the '90s vibe, or you like cute hair, this would be a great choice. It is based on the Dutch pigtail. Begin by dividing your hair into two sections along the center line and braiding each section around your neck in a double strand. Then fasten the braid on top of the head and twist the loose hair into a bun.


5. The waterfall braid

This hairstyle looks elegant and feminine. It looks like a waterfall on your back. It is used for all kinds of occasions, such as weddings and graduations. You can add some pretty hair accessories to accentuate your hairstyle.


Why do we need different mannequin head hairstyles?

If you want to learn makeup, you can choose a model's head with different hairstyles. A model's head with a hairstyle is more realistic, and you can use different hairstyles to match the makeup you want to learn to enhance the atmosphere. Use the model head to carry on the various forms of hairstyle design, further enhancing the makeup to make the collocation ability.


If you want to learn to braid, models with different hairstyles are also a good choice. Want to get a new hairstyle or improve your hairstyle skills? Why not buy a mannequin with hair on it? The mannequin head is a perfect tool for you to practice braiding and doing different hairstyles. You don't have to worry about hurting someone's hair or causing him or her pain. You can practice complex braids and create new hairstyles for hours.


Models with hair can better attract customers. Go into almost any barbershop and you will find a unique hairstyle. Not only is it used for hairstyles study, but barbers and some hairdressers now use it as a mode of attracting customers. If you see an afro on a man's head with your own eyes, it appeals to you more than what you see on a flyer or a road sign.


A guide on how to care for the head of a model with hairstyles

Unlike a normal model head, models with different mannequin head hairstyles need to be taken care of more carefully because they are more difficult to deal with. Therefore, you need to follow the following guiding techniques.


You need to comb hair from the roots to the ends with shampoo or other hair care products, otherwise, it will cause hair to fall out. If you twist or rub mannequin hair, it may get knotted, which is not the best result you want. If you want to remove moisture from your hair, you need to gently blot it dry. Model-head wigs are as sensitive as human hair, and when you rub your hair with a towel (a mistake most people make), it gets tangled.


Sometimes, it's hard to avoid tangles. In this case, you need to let it dry completely before brushing your hair. Another method is to soak your hair in warm water and shampoo it before combing it. This will return the hair to its normal pre-tangling condition.


Also, to avoid kittles, tangles, or unpleasant smells, you must blow the mannequin hair to dry completely after using it. You must also examine the scalp of the dummy to make sure it is not wet before storing it.


It's worth mentioning that when you decide to use bleach or hair dye on your hair, you should consider that you must use it in every hair area to keep coordination. You should also rinse your hair thoroughly because if you don't, you will cause damage to hairstyles.


A model's head with different hairstyles can be used in many aspects. However, it should be noted that when using, you must take extra care to reduce damage to the hair. If you are interested in it, you can go for it.