Where to buy a mannequin near me? Before answering this question, you should know what kind of mannequins you want. Here, we introduce several types of artificial models including their functions and prices, and give relevant suggestions on how to and where to buy these products. We hope you can find a satisfactory product after reading this article. 

As customers, we often see those artificial models standing in clothing stores. Those mannequins often look like a real person because they are designed to be like a real person as much as possible. Some have pretty facial features while some are faceless or even headless. 

If you want to know “where to buy a mannequin near me", you need to first figure out what sort of manikins you want and what do you use them for since there are so many different dummies. If you are a store owner and you want to buy mannequins to display clothes. The full-body manikins, undoubtedly, are the primary choice. 

A full-body model can also be classified into different types. Some, as we said, have delicate facial details as vivid as real human beings while some are simple without facial features. The more exquisite a mannequin is, the more expensive it is. 

You need to consider that whether you can afford the expensive ones. Apart from the price factor, you should also think about whether the style of the mannequins is consistent with your store style. 

If the products you sell are common and economical, then the extremely realistic dummies are not recommendable. You can choose faceless abstract lay figures which are simple yet versatile. However, do not choose dolls that are too cheap with shoddy texture, which will drive your customers away. 

If you are not a store owner and just want to buy a mannequin to store or design clothes at home, then the appearance of the product is not the priority. You can choose a plastic or styrofoam one low at price. To meet the purpose of designing clothing, a flexible mannequin torso is perfect. 

Some manikin torsos are specially designed for dressmakers. You can adjust their height, waistline, and hipline. This sort of product brings much convenience to dressmakers when customers are absent. 

Another kind of mannequin product that consumers often buy is the mannequin head. A single mannequin head can be used for many purposes. There are training heads, displaying heads, and storing heads. Let us have a look at their differences. 

Training heads are usually used for practicing hair styling and makeup techniques. The skin textures of those training heads are quite different from the average heads. To better train one's skills, the skin simulates the softness and color of real human skin. The mannequin hair is often sewed to the head so that it will not fall off. 

The quality of training heads varies. If you want to buy a premium training head, it is suggested to have a close look at the product or find a reliable store online. As for the manikin head mainly for display and storage, there are more types made of assorted materials. 

It is suggested to buy fiberglass and PVC mannequins in store because they have a better appearance. At home, you can purchase styrofoam or plastic heads which are cheap in price and easy to use. 

Then, the question “where to buy a mannequin near me” comes. The simplest way is to buy online. If you prefer to buy offline, you can search stores on google map. In general, buying mannequins directly from manufacturers can be cheaper. 

When buying the products, you need to pay attention to the credit of the store, particularly the online one. Sometimes, the pictures posted are misleading. It is suggested to check the history and policies of a store so that you can better know whether you can trust it or not. 


Buying a mannequin is not a difficult task, but how to buy a quality one at a reasonable price is a bit hard. Know clearly what sort of mannequins you want can save your time or even money. If you are looking for cost-effective manikins, welcome to Jfheadmodel where high-quality products at affordable prices are available.