Finding a mannequin for sale in Dubai is easier than you might think. The city has a very active fashion scene. And most of the top fashion brands have a presence there. And all of these shops require mannequins for their display. So it's safe to say that Dubai has a thriving fashion retail industry. And there are many companies that have made it their thrust to support up-and-coming businesses. These companies offer everything that a budding clothing store might need from shelving units to racks, and, of course, mannequins. If you're looking for a mannequin in Dubai, here are some companies to check out. 

Creative Display 

Creative Display was established in 2001. Today, it's considered one of UAE's leading suppliers of retail displays, warehouse storage solutions, commercial kitchen equipment, and supermarket equipment and refrigeration. Many businesses in UAE have come to them to ask for help in setting up a warehouse, commercial kitchens, and retail outlets. They have over 10,000 items in stock and these include different types of mannequins. They have showrooms located in Dubai, Abu, and Ajman. 

In its two decades of existence, the company has established a good reputation. They also have loyal customers all over the Middle East region. The secret of their success lies in working closely with clients and with working with them every step of the way. They don't only sell products. They help build businesses. Indeed, it's a good place to check out for people looking for a mannequin for sale in Dubai. 

Showracks Trading 

Showracks Trading is a Dubai-based company that has been established in 1991. That time was considered the peak era of trade and commerce in the Middle East. The company started out with just a few employees. But through the years, they were able to grow and now have the reputation for being a one-stop shop for store display needs and a specialist in the industry. The company has a wide range of products that includes mannequins, shelving systems, grocery carts, hangers, racks, checkout counters, freezers, chillers, etc. Their clients range from boutiques, department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. 

The company has a vision of providing the best products to its customers at the lowest possible prices. They also have the vision to continuously innovate the industry and to cement their position as market leaders. 

Retouche Decoration 

Retouche Decoration started out with a small 500 square showroom when it was established in Deira in 1990. And then it experienced phenomenal growth in 1996 and then it became Retouche Trading L.L.C. It also moved its office to its current location in Dubai. Now the Retouche Group has four companies under its wings and occupies 80,000 square feet of space that is manned by 45 employees. It exports its products from 27 suppliers located in 19 countries. 

The company also has the largest warehouse in the Gulf Region that houses a wide selection of products. This means that the company is able to provide its customers with an unprecedented number of options. And most importantly, their customers can get their orders right away. If you have special needs then they will be more than happy to develop a custom-made product for you. They cater to entrepreneurs who want nothing but the best for their businesses. 


JFHeadModel is a company that specializes in mannequin heads and training heads. It is not located in the UAE but it has an online store that ships to different parts of the world, including Dubai. So if you're looking for a mannequin for sale in Dubai, you can check out this store.

If you have a store that sells hats, wigs, glasses, jewelry, and other items worn on the head, then you'll need mannequin heads for your shop. You should consider getting them from JFHeadModel. The company was established in 1997 and since then, they have been researching and developing products that will meet their customers' needs. 

There are three reasons why you should consider ordering your mannequin heads from this company. They have very professional and courteous staff. They offer low factory-direct prices. They ship products immediately. You can get your order within 1 to 3 days after placing your order.