It's easy to find mannequin for sale Los Angeles. The city is considered a fashion capital. New boutiques are popping up all the time. This means there is an abundance of stores that are offering visual merchandising supplies. And it applies to both physical and online stores. And the best thing about the companies in LA is that they provide excellent customer service. This is because many of them don't only serve the local community, but even businesses outside of LA and the US. But if you don't know where to look for mannequins in LA, then you can start with the companies below. Some consider these as the best sources of mannequins in LA. 

New Tech Display 

People looking for mannequins for sale Los Angeles should check out New Tech Display. It's located right at the heart of Los Angeles' fashion district. The shop doesn't only sell mannequins. It actually offers a full range of visual and merchandising equipment such as racks, hangers, jewelry displays, counters, mirrors, etc. They have a large inventory of products. 

As far as mannequins are concerned, they offer different kinds, including male, female, children, mannequin heads, abstract mannequins, voluptuous mannequins, etc. This shop probably has the most extensive collection of mannequins available in all of LA. 

They also offer customized products and interior design services. So if you're planning to open a boutique, for example, and you have no idea how to decorate your store's interior, all you need to do is to get in touch with them. They can help you to create the store of your dreams. 

Acme Display 

Acme Display is known in the LA area as the go-to place for store fixtures, displays, and packaging supplies. But it doesn't only serve the local community. The company has customers from different parts of the US. It has a wide selection of products. 

According to its website, it has more than 3,000 products in stock. So whatever kind of mannequin you're looking for, there's a good chance that they have it in stock. And if you're on a budget or you're only planning to use a mannequin on a short-term basis, then you can avail of their rental services. 

Mannequin Mall 

The name says it all. This is a place that specializes in mannequins and it boasts of having the best collection in LA. This company is a purely online store and it has excellent customer service. But what will attract you to them is their prices. They have some of the most affordable mannequins available. 

It was actually the dream of the shop's owner, Chris, to create a store that offers high-quality mannequins at prices that is within reach of anyone. This is because when Chris tried to look for affordable mannequins in the past, he wasn't able to find any. So he saw an opportunity and founded a business. 

Substral Inc. 

When you see the roster or clients of Substral, you'll be impressed. There are lots of big names in there such as Miramax, Walt Disney, Whole Foods, United Airlines, and many more. The company was established in 1998 and though they are based in LA, they cater to businesses all over the US. 

They have an extensive collection of display fixtures, including mannequins. The reason why they became successful is that they are committed to quality. They offer only the best products. They also boast of having excellent customer service and are committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction. 

Oh Mannequin! & All Things Visual 

It's obvious from the business name that this shop sells everything you'll need for your visual merchandising efforts. But they do specialize in mannequins and they do both sales and rentals of mannequins. They have visual display consultants that can help businesses to improve their sales through window displays, trade shows, pop-up displays, and more. 

They can help you to create the designs that will best showcase your products so you can attract more customers. Their impressive resume includes working with RuPaul's Drag Con and Hustler. So you can be sure that they know what they're doing when it comes to making a statement. This is a shop you should check out if you're looking for mannequin for sale Los Angeles.