The cheap mannequin head with human hair is a useful instrument for beauty school students as well as a toy for kids. What are the benefits of such a product and where can you purchase it at an acceptable price? You will get the answers by reading this article.

Advantages of mannequin heads with human hair

There are mannequin heads with and without hair. The type without hair is often used for displaying wigs while those with hair are a nice tool for practicing hairstyles making techniques. There are commonly mannequin heads with real human hair and synthetic hair. Without a doubt, human hair has a more comfortable touch and it is more durable. Therefore, manikin with human hair is welcomed by many consumers and retailers. 

For beauty school students

A manikin head with real hair is multi-functional. This is also why beauty school students use it in classes. Synthetic hair cannot endure high temperature which leads to the fragility of the hair. In the long term, synthetic will be damaged and come into uselessness. 

While real hair can withstand high temperature (the highest can reach 180℃) of a hair curler and straightener. It is not that easy for real hair to become brittle after going through coloring, curling, or straightening. 

For kids 

As for kids, lovely doll heads with pretty hair are appealing to them. They can make friends with those cute princesses alike or playing makeup games with them. One of the good points of most mannequin dolls for kids is that they are ecologically friendly. The price of this sort of mannequins is cheaper than those for professional training because the hair is usually a mixture of real and synthetic hair.

The human hair takes up a large percentage, about 85%. The rest 15% is synthetic hair. Aiming for the consumer groups of small children, most mannequins are guaranteed to be safe. 

Despite some synthetic hair is mixed, the softness and durability of the doll hair are still pretty good. Furthermore, hair is sewed into the scalp of the doll, which looks natural and enables the doll head hair to endure the pulling strength of kids. Various colors are available in the market. 

Besides, unlike those mannequins mainly designed for displaying or practicing, the manikin heads for kids usually have chubby faces mimicking the babies’ adorable facial features.

How to select a cheap mannequin head with human hair online

The first thing you need to consider is the reputation of stores and brands. A good reputation can determine whether a store is credible or not and whether its products are of good quality or not. There are many retailers selling mannequin heads with hair at a low price on shopping websites. 

It is OK to look for cost-effective products there, but you should have a look at the introductions to these stores and customer reviews on relevant products. Some top-selling products may have a great number of positive comments. You should notice whether those comments are real products using experiences shared by consumers. 

In general, a mannequin with real hair is more expensive than the one with synthetic hair. But here at the Jfheadmodel store, you can purchase a manikin head with human hair at a reasonable and affordable price. Since it is an old store, the products here will not let you down. 

Real Hair Female Mannequin Head

This product is made of 100% real human hair. The hair has been processed and no harmful chemicals remain. The hair length is 14 inches and the color is blonde. It can be straightened, curled, and cut. It is an ideal product for beauty school students to practice cosmetology skills or for kids to play with. A table clamp stand is given as a gift. 

At the beginning of combing the hair, some hair may fall off. Don’t worry, it is natural to lose some hair when it is used for the first time. It will not happen when you use it next time. 


We have introduced the advantages of cheap mannequin head with human hair and in which way they are mainly used. We have also offered you some ideas on selecting model heads online. No matter what type of manikins you are aiming for, we hope you can buy a contented mannequin head.