It is suggested to buy a hair wig making mannequin head if you have many wigs at home or you wear hair units in your daily life. A quality doll head is perfect for storing your wigs and hair systems. In this article, I will share with you my experience of buying a nice artificial model head. 

As a person who likes collecting and wearing wigs, I have bought quite a lot of wigs for females. As for me, changing a new hairstyle can influence my mood. When I wear long, straight black hair, I feel that I am a quiet and cool student. When I wear a short, curly wig, I feel more energetic. 

Wigs are particularly useful to disguise oneself on some special occasions. For the people who have a lot of wigs at home, how to store and maintain those products has become a problem. My solution is to buy mannequin heads. 

Mannequins offer many conveniences to our life. A full-body mannequin works well in displaying clothing for customers. A single mannequin torso can well display a sagging dress. As for manikin heads, they are necessary items to exhibit accessories. 

Apart from wigs and hats, I also have necklaces and earrings that need to be well kept. Thus, I have a particular room where mannequin heads with wigs and accessories are placed. Then, you may ask, what sort of model heads is the best for storing wigs since there are so many types in the market. 

Here, we introduce the doll head that I prefer. The primary option is the styrofoam head. The reason is simple. It is cheap and easy to handle. A styrofoam head is light-weighted. It is a perfect hair wig making mannequin head. You can pin wigs on them and easily fix the wigs. However, when you pin wigs, you need to insert the pins into the right positions. Otherwise, those small holes may damage the wig. 

Because of the lightness of a styrofoam head, I can buy several ones at one time and move them with ease. Of course, it also has disadvantages. That is the styrofoam material, the same as plastic, is not that friendly to the environment. It takes a long time to degrade. 

Therefore, if you want to buy Styrofoam mannequin heads, do not throw them away when you do not need them. I often deal with the products in no use by selling them at low prices in the second-hand market. They are all kept well in shape, so they can be sold out easily. 

The PVC realistic female mannequin heads are also a wonderful choice for styling wigs. I bought some real manikin heads from Jfheadmodel. If you buy their products now, you can enjoy a ten percent discount. 

The PVC dummy heads in the store are very nice. The products I received are consistent with the pictures shown on its official website. The price is also within my affordability. What is pretty good is that the shop assistants are very friendly. You can ask problems about their products. 

Besides, under each product, there is a description of the product including the size of the product. Tan Color Female PVC Mannequin Head Model I recently have bought from the store. I like the facial expression and makeup of this dummy. The gentle smile makes it attractive. It does not have a shoulder design but the long neck is still perfect for displaying necklaces and scarves. 

The price of the product is less than 40 US dollars. After you have bought the satisfactory mannequin heads, you can put on wigs them. The advantage of using the hair wig making mannequin head is that it can keep the wigs in a good shape. The wig hair the same as our real hair needs maintenance. 

After washing a wig, we need to dry them properly. Leaving them on the model head in a ventilated place can minimize damages to hair. 

To conclude

A hair wig making mannequin head is ideal for storing and styling wigs. If you often wear wigs or toupees, it is suggested to buy such a product. Proper storage and maintenance of wigs can prolong their life span and keep them in good conditions. The next time you wear them, you can still feel comfortable.