Do you have touching for mannequin head curly hair? With the development of the mannequin head hair industry, customers have higher and higher requirements for products, and low-end products can’t meet the needs of customers. From the pursuit of practicability to the pursuit of quality and beauty, the variety of wigs is increasing. At present, due to individuation and diversification, the demand for curly hair has increased. 

Why do you need curly hair?

Compared to the usual straight hair, curly hair is more unique and can attract more attention. In clothing stores, a curly-haired model can better match clothes. In barbershops, curly-haired models visited by barbers in the window give customers an idea of their abilities and increase business for the store. Compared to straight hair, curly hair is more enthusiastic and interesting.

Depending on how curly it is, curly hair can be divided as Jerry curlybig curlyAfro curlyand kinky curly. You can decide the curly size according to your own needs and aesthetic.

Two types of material for mannequin head curly hair

There are two main types of materials for curly hair: man-made fibers and human hair. The wig that can see on market is to use these two kinds of raw material processing production to come out.

(1)Man-made chemical fiber

Artificial chemical fiber is a general name of chemical fiber in the wig industry. It refers to the synthetic chemical fiber material made by the chemical "filament drawing" or "filament blowing" process. It is similar to the fake hair of human hair, and it is a supplement to the raw material of human hair.

Synthetic chemical fiber mainly includes normal temperature silk, high-temperature silk, protein silk, and other common categories. And according to its different origin, it can be subdivided into domestic silk, Japanese silk, Korean silk, and so on. According to its different reflectivity, it can also be divided into ordinary silk and matte silk.

(2)Human hair

According to different regions, human hair can be mainly divided into Chinese hair, Indian hair, Brazil hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnam hair, Mongolia hair, and so on. Because of its material reason, it can be ironed and dyed. Human hair is easy to preserve, but its output is limited. So human hair products should be slightly more expensive on the price.

General curly hair comes from Brazil and India mostly, which is qualitative relatively soft with slightly big curvedness. It can be applied to European and American hairstyles. It is the first choice of hair extensions, with Brazilian hair being the best.

How to choose a curly hair wig?

The quality of mannequin head curly hair on the market is uneven. Some wigs can be seen as "fake" hair at a glance when worn on the head. It's awkward when people look at you up and down. Learn to choose a good wig!

At present, there are three types of wigs on the market: chemical fiber, human hair, and a mixture of chemical fiber and real hair. Chemical fiber silk is common to see, the price is cheap and the effect is more "false". In real life, this texture is not suitable for shopping. In movies and TV dramas, real people's hair is more often used. The price is more expensive, too. The curly hair that chemical fiber silk and real person hair mixed is the wig that suits the use in the life most, which can achieve the effect with false look and feel, the price is in 200 yuan above.

It's important to choose curls that suit your skin tone. Curly hair can add glamour, but it should match your skin. You should try to choose the same or close to your hair color. White skin should choose brown, light brown wig; Black skin should choose black, brown-black wig; Yellow skin should choose a chestnut, dark brown wig. 

How to manage the mannequin head curly hair?

Wigs must be washed after being worn or placed for some time. Before washing your curly hair, you must comb hair silky smooth. You need to comb from the tail to the tip or you will risk damaging the hair. Take the right amount of moist sex shampoo to pour into warm water. Soak the wig in water for 5 minutes, then gently rub it clean and rinse with water.

After that, take an appropriate amount of hair conditioner into warm water and stir evenly, and then soak hair in water for 10 minutes before rinsing it with clean water. Finally, absorb dewdrop with a towel, or comb hair silk naturally after dewdrop gently shaking off. Place curly hair in ventilated place to air dry. The important thing to note is that after the hair has completely dried you need to arrange the wig into shape, otherwise the wig might not be as curly as before.  

When not using curly hair at ordinary times, remember not to put it casually. You’d better put a wig with a stand so that it won’t knot or distort when using it next time. 

Different wig materials have different precautions. Chemical fiber silk hair can’t be washed with hot water. You shouldn't use a hairdryer or other tools to finalize the design. And remember not to put hair in direct sunlight exposure. Real hair can be slightly styled with a hairdryer, and use the net to place the hair to increase the sense of fluffiness. Mixed hair can be washed with detergent instead of shampoo.

Wearing wigs is now in fashion. When choosing a wig, you need to pay attention to its color, smell, and material issues. But in any case, you must use it correctly, or you will shorten its useful life.